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About us

DIVERSE SOLE located in the Diverse city of San Bernardino Est.2020

We strive to provide the best service and authentic products. While shopping with us we hope you experience the diversity of products we carry.

 A little bit about me... 

"Growing up as a kid I've always been into shoes. I use to work with my parents doing landscaping and saving my money to try and buy the shoes I wanted. At around 20 years old I started selling shoes as a hobby and one day I sold the few shoes I had for $500 and used that to start my small business. Through my journey I've always fell back to shoes in any situation wether it was studying fakes vs real or learning market prices which was harder to do at the time since there was no online market to go base off of other than stores. I truly love doing this, through the ups and downs I thank God for the continued blessings he brings.

"Diverse"- showing a great deal of variety; very different.

Be different , Be YOU

 Owners: Gustavo & Elisa Mena